USUL (Patch & Badge pack)

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Image of USUL (Patch & Badge pack)

A continuation of the themes in the previously presented 444 patch set.

80mm diamond-shaped patch with silver ink.
25mm sigil button badge
25mm logo button badge


All too easily we are allowed to forget that we are the base of the pillar, not bottom of the pile.

Derived from the word USUL, in Herbert's mythology meaning the strength at the base of the pillar and originally pertaining to the pillars of faith and wisdom in Islam, we can interoperate it as representing those ideologies which stand steadfast at the foundation of our beliefs. Much that sits upon this bedrock benefits from our ignorance of its presence.
See it and acknowledge that these structures could easily be swept away and rebuilt to better serve us all.

Those who would suppose a position as our betters support themselves on our shoulders. Allow yourself to be this strength. Recognise it in others.

Remember that if we shift, the roof collapses.


Image of USUL (Patch & Badge pack)